Identification Requirements

NemID Required

The Danish Gaming Authority requires all real money players to confirm their identities both via CPR and NemID.  You will therfore need NemID each time you log in to PokerStars.

Please note – this does not apply on Mobile Poker, as there is currently no NemID solution for mobile devices. You must make one successful NemID login on a computer (desktop or laptop) within 30 days after your account creation.

PokerStars Mobile

If you have created an account on PokerStars Mobile, you must verify your identity with NemID within 30 days. This can only be done on a computer version of our software. Therefore, you must download our software to your desktop or laptop, log in and verify your account.

How to login with NemID

  1. Open the  PokerStars .DK software
  2. When you attempt to login a pop-up is displayed informing you about NemID login. Click “Continue”
  3. A browser window will open asking for your PokerStars userID and password, then click Next
  4. You will be asked to provide a NemID code, then click Log on

Your login to PokerStars is completed, you can return to the PokerStars.DK software and play!

Don't run out of codes

You will receive a new key card automatically when you have 20 codes left on your car. As NemID is required upon each login you might quickly use your key cards with codes. You can order extra key cards or edit the settings for when they automatically should send you a new card visit NemID.

Key generator

An option is to purchase a key generator which never runs out of codes and it's also a bit faster to use. You can read more about the key generator here. You also need to visit the NemID page to order a key generator and thereby ensure you will not run out of codes.

No NemID?

As this is be a requirement from the Danish Gaming Authority, if you don’t have a NemID and want to continue playing on PokerStars, you need to order your NemID. It typically takes 5-7 business days to arrive.


We would like to reassure you that, as the biggest online poker room, we operate under a strict privacy policy. Any information is stored in a secure location in accordance with the Data Protection laws with which we have to comply.


If you have any questions on how NemID works please visit their support page here.

You are also welcome to email our support team on