The main differences between our .DK and .COM clients are due to Danish licensing requirements. These changes encompass the following:

  • Real Money transfers and T-Money trades are not available to/from any player on PokerStars.DK
  • Additional requirements to supply personal information, such as your CPR-number
  • Slightly different Responsible Gaming features

Players residing in Denmark and Greenland may only play on PokerStars.DK - they cannot play on any other PokerStars platform, such as PokerStars.COM or PokerStars.FR. Only players over the age of 18 from Denmark or Greenland may play on PokerStars.DK, while players from the Faroe Islands can only continue play on PokerStars.COM.

Note that PokerStars.COM features will remain available on PokerStars.DK.

Players opening their accounts on or before February 29 have 60 days to provide documentation to validate their account. Accounts opened on or after March 1 have 30 days to validate.

Failure to do so will require PokerStars to confiscate any winnings, in compliance with Danish licensing requirements.

Please contact us through to avoid losing any funds.

Yes, you can play against players around the world, as you would on PokerStars.COM. You will maintain access to all the same tournaments, Sit & Go’s, ring games and other features as you were offered on .COM.

Note that real money transfer and T-Money trades are not available on PokerStars.DK.

Yes. When a cash out is listed as processed, this means that it has been completed from our side, and the funds will be on their way to you. In the unlikely event you do not receive the funds within the timeframe specified on the cash out email, do contact us at

Yes, you will be able to use your .DK account from anywhere , except in countries where local legal legislation prevent or prohibit this.

On PokerStars.DK you will play against players from across the globe, most who do not speak Danish. As such, we require all players to chat exclusively in English, except in designated regional tournaments. If/when Danish chat is permitted, that will be clearly stated in the tournament lobby.

In order to upgrade your PokerStars software, simply log in to your existing PokerStars account, using the PokerStars.COM software. Once logged in, follow the pop-up dialogs to complete your move to PokerStars.DK; your software will provide you with the option to upgrade. It’s fast and easy.

You may also download our PokerStars.DK software directly here:

Yes. There will be no differences in rake between PokerStars.DK and PokerStars.COM. For more information on rake, please visit:


If you have self excluded yourself using the ROFUS system provided by the Danish Gaming Authority, the self-exclusion will apply to all poker-sites/gaming systems.

You will be able to play once the self-exclusion period has elapsed, but you will need to visit ROFUS to determine when your self-exclusion expires. If you self-excluded through PokerStars.DK, click on a table and a pop-up will inform of when the self-exclusion expires.

If you are temporarily self-excluded from PokerStars.COM, you will not be able to migrate to PokerStars.DK until the self-exclusion has expired.

No, we take responsible gaming very seriously, and we do not re-open accounts that were permanently closed by player request. You may contact for further information if you have a permanently closed account.

Yes, however they will not override any PokerStars-imposed deposit limit. Our responsible gaming feature allows you to set a self-imposed limit by day, week and month.

To get the software working, please send your previous PokerStars application to 'Trash', which located in your Applications folder.

Then download a fresh copy of the .ZIP file from the link below, and run the installer:

You should be ready to access your account in the .DK software after that.

Simply log on to PokerStars.COM using your regular log-in details, then follow the pop-up dialogs. Completing them will move your account to PokerStars.DK, as well as upgrade your PokerStars software.

You must be at least 18 years old. Under 18's are not allowed to create an account or play on any PokerStars platform, including PokerStars.DK.

If you experience any difficulty entering your CPR number, please contact, and we will be happy to assist you further.

No, you must wait until you are back in Denmark or Greenland in order to move from PokerStars.COM to PokerStars.DK. Meanwhile, you will unfortunately not be able to play.

Please inform us of this by emailing – please use the email address registered to your PokerStars account when doing so.

No. Danish law requires all Danish residents play only on the PokerStars.DK platform.

When you have successfully applied the requested information as prompted, you have migrated to PokerStars.DK. After applying details to the ‘Intent to Play’ part of the migration process, you will be taken back to the PokerStars.DK lobby, and you can now enjoy our poker games.

You will be able to repeat the migration process at your earliest convenience.

You will be able to cashout via the PokerStars Cashier before migrating to PokerStars.DK, as well as after you have completed the move. Do note that you may be required to verify your identity as part of the cashout process.

Note that you will not be able to play any games on PokerStars until you have successfully migrated to PokerStars.DK.

No. Transfers are no longer possible for players from Denmark or Greenland.

We do not offer DKK as a currency on PokerStars.DK at present – you will need to choose between using USD, EUR, GBP and CAD as your default currency.

Please contact We are happy to help! Please use the email address registered on your PokerStars-account, though (if known).


You must first complete the migration process before you can validate your details.

Anyone who resides in Denmark or Greenland (whether they are a citizen of Denmark/Greenland, or not).

No, we do not permit the use of duplicate accounts, and you must complete the move from PokerStars.COM to PokerStars.DK in order to continue play.

No, not if you only hold a play money account. Validation process is only mandatory for real money players.

Create a new account and then follow the validation process that applies to you (see next FAQ).

The following players should undertake online validation (see ONLINE VALIDATION FAQ section):

  • Danish citizens who currently reside in Denmark and have CPR-Number
  • Danish residents who are not Danish citizens, and have CPR-Number
  • Greenland citizens who currently reside in Denmark and have CPR-Number

The following players should undertake manual validation (see MANUAL VALIDATION FAQ section):

  • Greenland citizens who currently reside in Greenland
  • Danish citizens who currently reside in Greenland
  • Danish residents who are not Danish citizens and do not have CPR-Number
  • Greenland residents who are not a citizen of Denmark or Greenland

Validation process does not need to be initiated or completed to participate in freerolls, but to wager any funds won in Freerolls all PokerStars.dK players must fully complete the account validation process.


Danish citizens who currently reside in Denmark (please see 'Which validation process applies to me' FAQ) Greenland citizens and/or residents must complete manual account validation.

A valid CPR-number is required to complete online validation. We will introduce NemID as a log-in requirement at a later stage, where NemID will be required when logging into your PokerStars.DK account.

It is a Personal Identification Number that is issued by the Danish Government. You can find your CPR-Number on your Sygesikringsbevis (CPR Card):

All citizens and permanent residents of Denmark and Greenland should be issued with a CPR-number.

NemID is a secure, common log-in solution for Danish Internet banks, government websites and some other private companies.

Every adult in Denmark who has a CPR-Number is eligible for a NemID that can be used with their bank as well as public institutions (to obtain one, please visit for more details).

No, this is only possible for Danish citizens who currently reside in Denmark. You will need to send us a copy of your government issued ID in order to validate your account. To do so, click on “Help” -> “Contact Support / Upload documents…”.

No, this is not required for standard validation purposes in cases where online validation was successful.

No, you must complete online account validation.

No. The only methods are to complete online or manual account validation options (as defined in this section).

Any information you enter on our site is safe and secure, according to our privacy policy:

It is a requirement from the Danish Gaming Commission that we request this information and it is used for identity control purposes, Responsible Gaming and player protection features.

Please note you may re-enter your CPR-Number – please ensure that you are inputting the CPR-Number accurately, AND that your PokerStars registered name and date of birth are both accurate..

If re-entry of CPR number still fails, please send a copy of your CPR Card to and briefly explain in the email the issue you are experiencing - we will provide full assistance.

Please let us know by emailing - we will provide you with full assistance. Please feel free to attach a screenshot of any error message you are receiving.


No – ‘temporary’ account status is only relevant to manual validation process – players who successfully complete online validation have a fully verified account and should disregard this section.

When the Real Money validation form is successfully submitted (within the client).

It means that you must submit documentation copies to complete account validation, and that you have a limited time to do so – 30 days from setting up your Real Money Account (60 days if account opened prior to February 28).

30 days from the submission of Real Money Account validation form for accounts opened March 1 or later, 60 days if opened February 29th or before.

From the time you complete the Real Money Account validation Form.

  • Deposit limit of 10,000 DKK
  • Requirement to complete validation process (send acceptable ID copy to )
  • Unable to cashout funds

These constraints are lifted as soon as the validation process has been completed.

You may continue to wager any funds in your account, but you must complete validation of your account to deposit any more funds.


Any government-issued Passport, Driving License or Identity Card.

No, it must still be valid (as of the date we receive it).

Yes, we accept copies of non-Danish issued ID, as long as it is Government-issued.

This is not required for Danish-issued Passport (or any Passport) or Danish-issued Driving Licenses.

In terms of non-Danish issued Driving Licenses or Identity Cards, we do require the reverse sides where any personal information (including expiry date) is displayed – if in any doubt please send a copy of the front AND back.

By uploading your documentation whilst logged into the PokerStars client.

Every time you log into and out of the PokerStars client, a temporary account-holder will receive a message which has an ‘upload documents’ button. Uploading your documentation in this way is the quickest and most reliable method.

You may also upload documents by going to “Help” -> “Contact Support / Upload documents…” in the PokerStars client.

By email to (please ensure you send using the email address registered to your account).

We will confirm completion of account validation process by email, your account will be enabled for cashout processing, and the deposit limits applicable to temporary accounts will no longer apply (although you are able to set your own deposit limits if you wish).


Please contact

No, according to the regulations laid out by the Danish Gaming Commission, this is not possible.

Please contact from your registered email address and we will process your request in accordance with the Danish Gaming Regulations.

You will be issued with a refund of your account balance up to the amount you have deposited on (to date). As per the Danish Gaming Commission, all winnings (account balance – total deposits) are retained by PokerStars, but PokerStars has opted NOT to keep these funds, instead giving them away to charity.

In cases where a player’s account balance is less than the amount deposited on, the full balance will be refunded. Please note that funds wagered and lost at the tables are not refundable.

There is no need for any player with a closed temporary account to contact PokerStars to request a refund, these will be initiated automatically. All refunds will be processed as soon as possible.

No, you will need to complete the validation now. Any winnings on your account will be forfeited if going beyond the 30 day requirement. Note that you have 60 days to complete validation if your account was opened before February 29th.